The curriculum is flexible and child oriented with a happy blend of Learning the 3 R's. (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)

The curriculum aims at moulding students into global citizens who are aware and respect all cultures while taking pride in their own. This journey begins in the budding years of their school life. A developmentally appropriate curriculum, that makes learning fun, involves arts and crafts, story telling, exercise, educational games and more. Topics selected are based on different ways to guide children through their early learning stages and one that bards a toddler's interest. Conservation is an integral part of the curriculum. All project webs are thus thematic and make learning a meaningful homogeneous whole.

The school implements a multi-sensorial programme

Learning Centre - Our preschool offers children a choice and freedom for hands on learning, through the use of concrete and indigenous material. Our tiny-tots enter a resourceful world of awareness where individuality is maintained in a cohesive environment.

The requirements of education in the 21st century are challenging and cross and the curriculum incorporates the various elements of academic interest. The curriculum empowers students to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society with a commitment to excellence. A strong foundation in the lower classes plays a vital role in forging lifelong learning competencies.

The school follows the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation [CCE]. The assessments are broadly classified as SA [Summative Assessment] and FA [Formative Assessment].